Why choose ScanCube products ?

We have designed the first photo-video studio that is entirely computer-controlled, from camera control to light adjustment. The EasyScanCube software manages, supports and automates the entire creative process, from shooting to producing interactive 360° animations.

Pioneering technology and constantinnovation

We are the originator of many innovations in the field of connected photo studios :
patented process of automatic clipping by double photo
EasyPreset technology for self-tuning of lighting and camera
AutoCrop system for automatic framing when shooting
scripted animation
reversible and reproducible correction
XdFocus technology
And many more

Light : the quality asset of ScanCube studio 

Lighting is a very important parameter, the quality of a photo depends to 80% on the light. Some products may be more complicated to photograph than others and do not light up in the same way. This is why we have developed the first fully computer-controlled, 6-source lighting solution. The "Full Light Control" technology developed by ScanCube makes it possible to instantly adapt the light to the characteristics of the products photographed, with a simple click on a pre-registered model. It facilitates the management of shadows and reflections, enhances products and ensures the faithful rendering of colours and textures. To achieve this level of quality, we chose to be the very first connected studio manufacturer to develop LED photo lighting. ScanCube uses lamps with a very high CRI (Colour Rendering Index), higher than 96%, controlled and certified without risk for the eyes.

Work with real production tools

In addition to their flexible lighting, ScanCube digital photo studios have unique features designed to simplify your work. A camera housing should have as smooth an interior as possible, with as little relief as possible to avoid the multiplication of reflection points that are bound to be reflected on a shiny or reflective object. The interior structure of the ScanCube housings has been optimised to be visually inconspicuous. Similarly, the accessibility of our photo studios has been designed to make it easy to handle and place the products inside the cabinets. Our products have been designed to facilitate and speed up any repairs in the event of breakdowns or failures. The sensitive parts of the ScanCube equipment have been grouped together inside a detachable case that can easily be exchanged as standard.

Automatic and continuous updates through our subscription offer

Our software constantly adapts to changes in operating systems and web browsers and takes into account new compatible cameras. Each time it is started, the EasyScanCube software checks its sub-version number and offers you an online update. You benefit from the latest developments, improvements and essential patches, free of charge and continuously. The upgrades of our EasyScanCube software are evolutions containing major novelties: new functionalities, partial or total rewriting of the software, development of new algorithms, improvements of the interface and existing functionalities.
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