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EasyScanCube Software features.

The EasyScanCube software controls all the equipment that makes up the photo studio dedicated to product photography and manages the process of still and animated shots. But the interest of connecting the lights, the turntable and the various accessories goes well beyond this first objective. The real purpose of technology is to simplify your work and enrich your creative and production possibilities. Thanks to our EasyScanCube software, you benefit from many features allowing you to automate your product photo shoots.

Simplify your shooting and save even 
more time with our new software
EasyScanCube 2022

Your shooting photos and videos in some clics

Enriched templates. 

Thea EasyScanCube 2022 software has been designed to save time and simplify your shooting process even more. Your shooting templates have been enhanced to make it easier for you.

What you can do in one template :

Light configuration
Setting up your digital camera NEW !
Integrating a positionning guideNEW !
Stacking NEW !
Image processing
Framing according to the desired graphic charter NEW !
Clipping NEW !
Animation NEW !

What's new in the software.

Autofocus formats

One-click sharpening and full-screen zooming for easy quality control.


WEBP (Google), tiff, bmp, gif, eps, tga and pdf formats complement PNG and JPEG formats and are supported to improve your natural web ranking.

Multitude of objects

Ability to take multiple photos of objects or several photos on 1 object in 1.


The software adapts to your graphic charter with templates (Image size and resolution, Positioning guides, Watermark, Colour or background image).

File naming

Name your photos by importing CSV et Excel or Barcodes et QR Codes.


Possibility to combine : clipping, technology focus stacking.

Animation mode

Three animation modes are available : 360°, round-trip, customised angles.

Digital cameras

Support for multiple devices at the same time for multi-angle shooting.

Photo export

Export of your clipped photos with a  coloured background or a background image.

Software compatibility

Windows 11 earlier version, compatible with Ultra HD display installed under reliable and secure environment MSIX from Microsoft.

Barcodes and QR-Codes

Automatic generation of barcodes and QR Codes that you can insert on your photos.

The software's features.

With EasyScanCube 2022,you get new features and improvements that allow you to further automate your packshot.

Template EasyPreset

The setting in 1 clic.
Simply click on a sample photo of an object similar to the product to be photographed. The studio settings are instantly operational.


Automatic clipping.
It allows to automatically crop the photographed products to obtain either a transparent or a perfectly white background. The cropped image can be placed on a coloured background, an image, a text, inserted a logo, a QR-Code or a barcode.


Two frames can be defined over the preview. The first frame is used to keep only the desiredpart of the photo, the second frame covers the first one and allows you to define the edges ofthe image at the desired proportion. In the final photo, the area between the two frames is filledin with white.


Whether you want to protect your photos by adding a watermark or add an extra level of information such as a logo, text, QR-Code, the watermark function will allow you to do this on your product photos and animations. The size, style and positioning of the watermark are fully configurable.


With the SmartCopy function, you can save several files of your photos in a single click, differentiated by a series of predefined parameters (image size, format and resolution, name,destination folder, etc.)

Simultaneous management of multiple cameras

EasyScanCube offers the possibility to work with several cameras connected to the computer. This feature is particularly useful when front and vertical photos need to be taken simultaneously, thus increasing productivity.

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