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What is a photo shooting scenario?

A photo shooting scenario is a feature that allows you to pre-configure all the stages of your photo shoot, from positioning your product and shooting it through to post-processing.

In other words, it's a script that we draw up based on your specifications and/or your graphic charter, in order to automate your shoots and optimise your time.

Thanks to the shooting script, the EasyScanCube 2024 software can be used by anyone in the company, without any knowledge of photography.
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The benefits a photo shooting scenario.


Standardise your shots

Thanks to EasyScanCube software, your visuals will follow the same graphic guidelines that you have defined (white background/coloured background, etc.).

Optimise your time

EasyScanCube software simplifies your work by automating the shooting process.

Maximise your shoots

The scenarios allow you to shoot and duplicate your images ad infinitum, in any format (JPEG, PNG, WEBP). So you can publish the right photo on your social media.

More features

EasyScanCube lets you add several effects (logo, QR code, white background, coloured background, brightness of lighting accessories, etc.) to a single photo session.
Free yourself from all your shooting constraints with photo shooting scenarios
Free yourself from all your shooting constraints with photo shooting scenarios
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Business sectors covered photo shooting scenarios.

Customer feedback.

GPA 26
Online sales of recycled car accessories

 Livron-sur-Drôme (France)
 Lionel Daronnat - Operations manager
Number of products: over 115,000 spare parts in stock
Number of products shot per day: over 700 products
Favourite feature: Personalised shooting scenario
As a car recycler, GPA 26 recovers over 24,000 vehicles a year in France. Sold as is or dismantled.
GPA has more than 115,000 car parts. Each part is tested and traced back to its original vehicle to ensure transparency and traceability.
A European leader, GPA 26 caters for both private individuals and professionals. The recycled parts are part of a range of more than 45,000 original spare parts from manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Each recycled part is photographed using the ScanCube, in an industrialised process, before being published on the GPA 26 online sales site.

Frequently asked questions about photo shooting scenarios?

What is ScanCube and how can it help with photo shoots?

ScanCube is an innovative solution that makes it possible to hold professional photo shoots in companies without the need for a professional photographer.
Thanks to its mini photo studios and expert retouching software, ScanCube makes it possible to create high-quality brand images for a better communication strategy via social media or other media.

How does ScanCube work for photo shoots?

ScanCube allows you to pre-configure every stage of a photo shoot, from product positioning to image post-processing. With its photo shoot scenario, it's easy to create personalised photo shoots using your own lighting and choosing the right type of lighting for each product.

Can ScanCube replace a professional photographer for photo shoots?

Absolutely. ScanCube is designed to deliver professional results without the need for a professional photographer. Thanks to its advanced features and user-friendly interface, even an amateur photographer can obtain professional-quality images in his or her own desired style - it's a real professional photo shoot.

How do photo shoot scenarios work?

The shooting scenario is based on the templates and their photographic composition. It follows the production stages defined beforehand and creates a visual that respects the same graphic charter as the photo template.

Can photo animations be used with photo shoot scenarios?

Yes, the photo shoot scenario can be used to create a photo animation with a shift (back and forth movement) or 360°.

Can I create a video animation with ScanCube?

The EasyScanCube software can be used to create photo animations: it consists of several shots of the product, on different planes, to form a 360° animation in HTML format.

Is it possible to import and work on photos with EasyScanCube?

Yes, the EasyScanCube software lets you import your image banks, retouch them or create a background for your products. The various photo customisation features let you add your own personal style to your visuals.

How can photos taken with ScanCube be used to reinforce brand image on social networks?

The images produced by ScanCube are perfect for reinforcing your brand image and getting your photos shared on social networks. Thanks to their high quality and meticulous photographic composition, these photos make for good communication and can attract the attention of customers and improve the brand's visibility online.

What are the advantages of ScanCube in terms of composition techniques and photographic style?

ScanCube offers great flexibility in terms of photographic composition and style. Users can experiment with different types of lighting and composition to create unique images that reflect their brand's aesthetic and personality. What's more, the in-built expert retouching software means that every detail can be fine-tuned to achieve a result that's perfectly suited to the needs of the company.

Do I need a camera?

Yes, you need a camera combined with a mini-photo studio (such as a lightbox) and the EasyScanCube photo software, which uses a script to create a photo session.

Are people trained in EasyScanCube software?

ScanCube supports its customers in using the EasyScanCube photo software. As part of the package, a professional photographer will train you in the software's various functions and advise you on how to achieve the ideal photo result with its effects (photo on white background/coloured background, offbeat photo animation/360° animation, personal style added, etc.).