What is a ScanCube for ?

ScanCube Studios is designed to make it easy to create attractive visual information. With EasyScanCube, you can produce different kinds of still and moving images. Simply open the creation wizard and select a production process.

The fixed visuals

High definition photo

It is possible to create high definition packshots with an embedded zoom in html format. Several styles are available, from magnifying glass to full screen. The background can be set to be perfectly white when the picture is taken.

Variable angle shooting

Take up to 12 photos of the same product at pre-set angles in a single operation. For example, a front view, a three-quarter view, a 90° view and a rear view.

Cropped photo

For a transparent background in png format, or to change the colour of this background.

Stacking photography

If you want unparalleled sharpness across the depth of a product. This process is widely used in jewellery photography.

The animated visuals

360° packshot

You can choose the number of photos per turn and the style of your animation. With ScanCube, your animations are responsive, they adapt to the size of the screen and your sites benefit from better referencing

Windscreen wiper animation

The best way to present glasses and many other products.

Stop Motion Animation

Taking photos and putting them together, one after the other, until they are animated to create a movement.

Scripted animation

A real recordable script, this creation assistant offers you unlimited possibilities.

360° video

Thanks to immersive video your image can be recorded in all directions at the same time.
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