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GPA 26
Online sale of recycled car accessories

 Livron-sur-Drôme (France)
 Lionel Daronnat - Operations manager
Number of products: over 115,000 spare parts in stock
Number of products shot per day: over 700 products
Favourite feature: Personalised shooting scenario
As a car recycler, GPA 26 recovers over 24,000 vehicles a year in France. Sold as is or dismantled. 
GPA has more than 115,000 car parts. Each part is tested and traced back to its original vehicle to ensure transparency and traceability.  
A European leader, GPA 26 caters for both private individuals and professionals. The recycled parts are part of a range of over 45,000 original spare parts from manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Each recycled part is photographed using the ScanCube, in an industrialised process, before being published on the GPA 26 online sales site.

Why ScanCube ?

We needed to automate the photos of our products, with a common graphic charter, so that they could be automatically posted on our GPA26.com e-commerce site, making it easier for our customers to choose re-used car parts.

These high-quality, automated shots, using a shooting scenario, have enabled us to increase our conversion rate on our online site and partner Marketplaces.

ScanCube now enables us to photograph over 750 recycled car accessories, which now represents around 70% of our daily requirements.

By automating the photo workstation, ScanCube has enabled us to increase our productivity.

They trust us.

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