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Configuration of the workstation.

Is it possible to work with a laptop ?

Yes, however if you work with a laptop we advise you to connect a good quality screen to it. Most often, laptops have screens of limited quality in terms of color rendering, which makes it difficult to control the color of photos.

On the other hand, the resolution of laptop screens is generally lower than the HD resolution, which makes it less comfortable to use the EasyScanCube software.

Despite these reservations, the EasyScanCube software has been designed to work with screens smaller than 1920 x 1080 pixels, subject to a minimum vertical definition of 800 lines. For optimized comfort, we advise you to equip yourself with a good quality screen, HD resolution or more, 23 inches or more.

Is it better to install Windows in 32 or 64 bits ?

EasyScanCube works under Windows 32 bits environment as under Windows 64 bits. If you have the choice, we advise you to install EasyScanCube on a 64-bit Windows workstation because this configuration allows you to address more memory.

For efficient use, we recommend installing 8 GB of memory, which is not possible with a 32-bit Windows workstation (limited to 4 GB of memory addressing).

What are the system requirements to run EasyScanCube ?

A computer running Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 (PC or MAC with Fusion or Parallels Desktop).
Compatibility with Windows XP is no longer guaranteed since April 2014, when Microsoft discontinued support for XP.

Minimum configuration: for comfortable use, we recommend using a computer equipped with an intel i5 or i7 processor, with :

8 GB of memory minimum, 16 GB is the recommended configuration.
2 free USB2 ports + 1 third if the turntable is used (a powered USB hub is sometimes necessary when the computer's USB ports are heavily used).
1 good quality screen*, preferably HD. Most of our customers have a 16:9 screen with a diagonal of 23″ or 24″ and 1920 by 1080 pixels (note: Ultra HD is not supported).
Stacking: for regular use of stacking (hyperfocus) and clipping or intensive production of animations, we recommend a computer equipped with an Intel i7 processor and 8 GB RAM.

Mass storage: creating visuals can require a lot of disk space, especially if the high-definition photos are archived. You'll need to equip your computer accordingly. Given the low price per GB, it's best to be generous when estimating your needs, and ScanCube is always happy to advise its customers.

*Screens less than 800 pixels high do not work properly with the EasyScanCube software. To benefit from a large preview, your screen must have at least a vertical definition of 1080 lines.

The software EasyScanCube.

Does the automatic clipping make it possible to obtain a vector outline in the form of a Bézier curve ?

The automatic cropping function of our EasyScanCube software makes it possible to isolate the photographed subject from the background.
This clipping generates an alpha layer type mask that allows you to generate an image in png format in which the background becomes transparent, without a vector outline.

How are EasyScanCube software updates performed ?

EasyScanCube benefits from an automatic and free* update.
This requires that the workstation is connected to the internet. When the software starts, the system connects to our servers to check the number of the latest available update. In the event of a change, the system suggests that you perform the update. After your acceptance, the system installs the update; it usually takes 1 to 2 minutes (customers working on offline workstations can install updates manually).

*Note: do not confuse update and upgrade:

An update is an evolution of the software which includes patches, functional improvements, adaptations to changes in the computer and photographic environment (evolutions of operating systems, browsers, cameras).
An upgrade is a major new release of software, characterized by new features. Most often, these major versions also benefit from many improvements to existing functions, either in terms of ergonomics or in terms of code optimization.

Can I shoot in RAW ?

Yes, the EasyScanCube software allows you to take photos in RAW format.
Attention, to "develop" these photos you need external specialized software, EasyScanCube is not a RAW format development software.

EasyScanCube allows you to control the rendering of the photo by viewing the shot in jpg format. After validation, the photo is doubled in RAW format.

What languages ​​does EasyScanCube software support ?

EasyScanCube software can be configured in English, French, Italian.
The user can switch from one language to another at any time by restarting the software after modifying this parameter in the preferences.

The photos studios ScanCube.

Can I upgrade my ScanCube to make animations ?

All scancube photo studios exist in two versions: basic or e-view 360 allowing the production of animations and 360 degree packshots for your e-commerce site.

At any time, you can upgrade your ScanCube by adding a ScanCube turntable compatible with the size of your light box.

Connecting this tray automatically activates the animation functions of the EasyScanCube software.

The turntables.

How many lap shots can I take with a ScanCube turntable ?

As standard, the EasyScanCube software driving our various turntables allows you to take up to 72 photos per turn for the production of your animations. On request, we can offer solutions for obtaining up to 720 photos per lap.

What is the maximum weight supported by the trays ?

Depending on the turntable model, the supported weight is 25 to 40 kg

Can I use my turntable outside the ScanCube housing?

Yes, it is entirely possible to use the turntable outside the light box. All you need to do is use conventional photo lighting.

Many customers use this solution to take the few products that are too big to fit in their box. We can advise you on choosing the right equipment for your needs.


How is the camera connected to the computer ?

The device is connected to the computer using a mini USB cable. ScanCube photo studios come with either a 3m or 5m long cable, depending on the size of the studios.

Is there an alternative to batteries for powering cameras ?

Battery use is not recommended for studio shooting; it is restrictive and it wastes time. It is best to continuously power the photo boxes using an AC adapter.

For example, here are some AC adapter references:

ACK-E5 for the Eos 1000D, 500D, 450D,
ACK-E6 for the Eos 5D mark II, 5D mark III, 5D mark IV, 6D mark II, 7D mark II , 6D, 7D, 60D, 70D, 80D
ACK-E8 for Eos 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D
ACK-E10 for Eos 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, 2000D
ACK-E15 for Eos 100 D
ACK-E18 for Eos 200D, 750D, 760D, 800D, 77D

Does EasyScanCube manage video capture from digital cameras ?

Yes, EasyScanCube is one of the only software to manage both the photo mode and the video mode of compatible devices.
The video mode requires the use of a memory card, inserted in the device.

In the photo mode, the recording is done directly on the disk of the computer; in the video mode the recording is carried out in two stages:

the video file is recorded on the memory card,
it is transferred to the hard disk.
This transfer takes place automatically without the need for operator intervention and takes less than a minute.

Is there a particular configuration recommended for cameras ?

A distinction must be made between the adjustment of shooting parameters (speed, aperture, sensitivity, etc.), which is managed directly by the EasyScanCube software, and the configuration of the camera accessible from the camera menu.

For proper operation, this configuration must be suitable for remote control. To make this configuration very easy, ScanCube has posted videos that guide our customers step by step.

The cameras shipped by ScanCube are, unless otherwise stipulated, already preset by our services.

Can we change cameras ?

The EasyScanCube software license is not limited to the use of a specific camera. The EasyScanCube software automatically recognizes the camera connected to your computer and configures itself according to the characteristics of said device.

Changing the camera therefore does not require any intervention other than restarting the software. You can change cameras at any time provided that this camera is compatible with our software.

If your workstation is connected to the Internet, the software update is carried out automatically as soon as a new device is validated by our development department.

Is it possible to control several devices at the same time ?

Yes, EasyScanCube can manage two devices at the same time. The cameras must both be Canon branded but can be different models (1 Canon EOS 700D + 1 Canon EOS 6D for example).

This possibility is regularly used by our customers to take both front shots and vertical shots using a Topshot placed on top of the light box. In such a configuration, the use of 2 devices makes it possible to obtain better productivity and greater comfort of use.

The animation script allows to build custom animations with 1 or 2 cameras.

Why do you recommend the use of Canon devices in combination with ScanCube photo studios ?

To drive digital cameras, our developers must have access to the camera's SDK (Software Development Kit). The brands, in their great majority, do not communicate their SDK; it is therefore impossible to develop around their products without infringing the rules on industrial property.

Nikon and Canon are among the few companies that provide access to the SDK of their devices (only for the DSLR, Digital Single Lens Reflex ranges). We recommend Canon equipment for two reasons:

The preview of Canon cameras faithfully simulates the photo that will be obtained, this simulation takes into account the exposure parameters. Conversely, the preview delivered by Nikon cameras, except 2 high-end cameras, does not have this exposure simulation function. This results in an on-screen preview that is noticeably too light or too dark compared to the final result. This absence of simulation is of no consequence for an informed user, but turns out to be penalizing when the operator controls the entire shooting process by means of a computer screen.
Canon's SDK allows you to take control of multiple devices simultaneously.

It is for these two reasons that we advocate the use of Canon EOS cameras with our computer-controlled shooting studios. We remain attentive to developments in the offers of the various manufacturers to modify our position according to technological advances.

List of Compatible Digital Cameras

The EasyScanCube software allows remote control of the following devices:

Canon Digital SLR


Eos R5
Eos R6
Eos R7
Eos R8
Eos R10
Eos R50
Eos R100
Eos 1000D
Eos 1100D
Eos 1200D
Eos 1300D
Eos 2000D
Eos 4000D
Eos 100D
AC adapter



Eos 200D
Eos 250D
Eos 450D
Eos 500D
Eos 550D
Eos 600D
Eos 650D
Eos 700D
Eos 750D
Eos 760D
Eos 800D
Eos 850D
Eos 50D
Eos 60D
AC adapter


Eos 70D
Eos 77D
Eos 80D
Eos 90D
Eos 5D Mark II
Eos 5D Mark III
Eos 5D Mark IV
Eos 6D
Eos 6D Mark II
Eos 7D
Eos 7D Mark II
AC adapter

Canon Powershot
CANON Powershot G9
CANON Powershot G10
The 2 cameras listed above are only compatible with version 1.9 of the EasyScanCube software. From version 2.0 of this software, only DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are supported.

Some Reflex cameras do not have the LiveView function so are NOT COMPATIBLE with the software : 
EOS 400D / 350D / 20D / 30D / 40D / 5D

Lighting photographic.

What is the lifespan of the LEDs fitted to ScanCube equipment ?

The lifespan of our LED photo lights can exceed 50,000 hours; it is qualified for a minimum of 40,000 hours, which corresponds to more than 20 years of work for an operator.

What is the purpose of running in compact fluorescent lamps ?

Running in fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps is an operation that optimizes the characteristics of the lamps. Without running-in, these lamps age less well and more quickly (risk of flickering), consume more energy and lose part of their quality (reduced flux and color rendering index).

This break-in, often ignored, is particularly important in photography and wherever the quality of light is essential; it is essential if these lamps are to operate with dimming light. Running-in consists of bringing the electrodes of the lamp to the temperature threshold from which a series of physico-chemical reactions are triggered.

In practice and according to the recommendations of manufacturers such as Osram, Sylvana or Philips, running-in is carried out by switching on the lamps for 100 continuous hours, with the base in the high position. This necessary operation, called "burn-up" in English, is most often ignored.

ScanCube, concerned about the quality of its solutions, is the only compact photo studio manufacturer to supply lamps that have already been run in. Aware of the challenges of sustainable development, ScanCube has developed energy-recovery equipment that allows both running in its lamps and ensuring the heating of part of its premises.

Delivery and logistics.

What are the delivery times ?

The usual delivery time is 2 to 3 working days in France and 2 to 4 working days in the European community.

For any other destination, our logistics department will keep you informed of the foreseeable delays. These can vary greatly from one destination to another and according to the products shipped.

Commercial issues.

Do you rent ScanCube photo studios ?

No, our equipment is for sale only.

How long is the warranty on ScanCube studios ?

ScanCube studios are guaranteed for 2 years.
Our customers also benefit from a free software update as long as the version they have acquired is supported.
Learn more about updates.

I am looking for a service provider to produce 360° animations

We have customers and partners, professional photographers, equipped with ScanCube studios delivering this type of service: HD packshot, 360° packshot, photo and video animations...

Contact our sales department to be put in touch with a partner close to you.

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