High performance shootings for your articles tools et home appliance.

From tools to work clothes, including household appliances, ScanCube automated photo studios allow you to do high-quality shootings directly on your premises.

Examples of  photos and videos 
tools and household appliances .

What accessories for tools and 
household appliances photography ?

Topshot: taking
vertical view

The Topshot takes shots of your products in zenithal diving. This accessory is fixed above the ScanCube and allows the camera to be positioned facing the backlit floor, vertical to the objects to be photographed.

Suspension at
nylon thread

Suspension by nylon thread is an essential accessory for shooting objects of which certain parts must be kept in the air.

Centering laser

ScanCube has developed a centering accessory using a computer-controlled laser that draws a luminous cross vertically on the product.


The Lumipod is our patented system supporting the object to be photographed as if it were in levitation. It comes in the form of a light column on which you can place the product to be photographed.
how it works ?

Customer testimonials

Thank you for your usual responsiveness. We are always happy to have trusted your company. Indeed, the Scancube meets our needs 100% and fulfills the missions for which we now use it regularly.

Arnaud Masson
 Communication Manager
&nbsp- De Buyer