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Cavavin - Wine merchant

 Guérande  (France)
 Zoé Saliou
Range of products : 2000 references
Number of shoots per month : between 20 and 30
Favorite feature : shooting on a white background
For more than 35 years, CAVAVIN has been a partner in the selection of wines and spirits of more than 200 winegrowers. The 2000 references available on the platform are mostly authentic and exclusive products at very good value for money thanks to the strong partnership in place with our winegrowers.
CAVAVIN is a leader in France, including Guyana and Reunion, but also present in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ivory Coast, Moldova, Congo and Morocco and is therefore an ambassador of the "French art of living". CAVAVIN is a large family bringing together wine merchants and winegrowers and also a company betting on the family continuity of the group. It is Olivier MERMUYS, the son-in-law of the founder who is today the general manager. CAVAVIN wine merchants, who are independent entrepreneurs, have several opportunities to meet the winegrowers, to personally select their assortment to please their customers and to showcase their 2000 bottle references thanks to the ScanCube.

Why ScanCube ?

It is a tool that has greatly simplified and professionalized our communication with visuals of our high quality products.

How did you do before ?

We used to work with another much less developed tool which today would be archaic.

How would you describe ScanCube in a few words ?

This is a real time and cost saving for our services. This allows responsiveness to distribute our products from an advertising point of view.

What ScanCube brought to Cavavin ?

ScanCube has brought a professionalization of the image of our products and autonomy in our services.

Under Control - Video game accessories

 Plaisance-du-Touch  (France)
Range of products : 250 products
Number of shoots per year : around 200
Favorite feature : 360° animation
Since 2005, UNDER CONTROL has made every effort to offer the greatest number of players a range of quality video game accessories at very competitive prices.

Why ScanCube ?

To be free and creative on our packshots.

How did you do before ?

We used a professional photographer.

How would you describe ScanCube in a few words ?

Easy to use tool without having a lot of graphic and photo skills, brings a real time saving. The training is very complete and the trainer is very attentive to our expectations.

What ScanCube brought to Under Control ?

The 360° view is great and very useful for presenting our products on our website. Our products are highlighted and the image is just incredible! I recommend !

Mobilis Care&Carry - Protection of computer equipment

Laurence Barriol
Range of products : 700 products per year
Number of shootings per year  : approximately 1000 per year
Favorite feature : 360° shooting, lighting, shooting on a white background
Since 1993, Mobilis Care&Carry has been manufacturing and marketing tailor-made and standard protection and transport solutions adapted to all types of mobile IT equipment: tablets, smartphones, laptops, 360° PCs, data entry terminals, etc.
Our solutions meet everyone 's needs. the technical and ergonomic needs of field use: protect, transport, carry and secure.
MOBILIS® adapts to the most specific, technical and complex specifications.
They design more than 700 products a year, right up to their in-house production (2 factories in France) in series of 20 to several tens of thousands of units.

Why ScanCube ?

It is a solution that optimizes the time and shooting conditions to minimize the retouching workflow for the use of photos.

How did you do before ?

We had a camera with an improvised studio: several lights, a white fabric backdrop, a table and a 360° set

How would you describe ScanCube in a few words ?

A practical, professional and easy-to-use studio

What has ScanCube brought to Mobilis Care&Carry ?

Speed ​​in taking photos and quality photos. Processing the photo afterwards is easier and faster

Nature & Découvertes - Wellness products

Laurence Barriol
Number of shoots per year : 10,000 photos per year, half of which with ScanCube and half with flash.
Favorite feature : My favorite feature is automatic clipping. The possibility of being able to trim the products directly is a considerable time saver. This makes it possible to quickly put new products online in a qualitative way.

Nature et Découvertes is a French store brand founded in 1990 with 77 stores in France, 3 in Belgium and 3 in Switzerland offering products related to well-being, flavors, games and toys, science, hiking and outdoors, astronomy and nature observation, jewelry and books.

Why ScanCube ?

For ease of handling and use. For the service too.

How did you do before ?

Everything in flash.

How would you describe ScanCube in a few words ?

Efficient, easy to use, intuitive, powerful.

What has ScanCube brought to Nature & Découvertes ?

More speed between the receipt of products and their online publication.

They witness.

Since February 2011, our Forbach store has taken photos of its products with a ScanCube for its website, posters and flyers. We took a pragmatic approach and we served as a pilot site to measure the benefits of this new technology, validate its functional ease and its adaptation to our business. Today the Cora group has acquired a dozen ScanCubes.

M. Meier

Photographing a bottle of wine is not an easy task, especially because of the reflections. ScanCube brought us the technicality and simplicity of operation that we needed. The in-house production of the shots allows us to be very reactive and to carry out this work directly on the stock, without particular logistics. As for the quality of the photos, I let you judge on our site.

David Kapikian
 Digital director

We had invested in a ScanCube to improve the quality of our visuals and add the interactivity of 360° animation to our site, particularly in the context of our website, which has become responsive. Customers spend more time on listings with 360 degree views and better visualize the product. Beyond this first objective, we have also noticed an increase in the satisfaction of our customers.

Loic Bonnaille
 E-commerce and Development Director

After a first experience 5 years ago with a light box from another brand, we were hesitant to reinvest in this type of equipment when it broke down. Indeed the photos taken with this box required permanent retouching with the skills of a graphic designer. Seeing the Easy-ScanCube software we were convinced of a qualitative leap and a much more accomplished hardware design. The tests carried out confirmed this impression to us, because today anyone in the company after a few minutes of training can take beautiful shots that can be used directly: with ScanCube equipment, the concept of the mini studio becomes credible again. Today our group will acquire a second ScanCube for another of its subsidiaries.

Groupe LDC ( Le Gaulois, Loué, Marie, Maître Coq)

We have been using the Scancube system for over a year and the feedback is flawless. From a technical point of view, handling, speed of use, it's flawless !!! The shots are fast, without retouching (unlike our old system) with professional quality! We take almost 100% of our photos, time savings, responsiveness, we will soon be implementing 3D for our shoes. One of our best investments for our e-commerce site.

Sébastien Aschbacher

This mini studio is super practical and efficient. Anyone who has never photographed a bottle of wine cannot understand how indispensable the ScanCube is


I am delighted with the scancube it is really great. The use is really simple and the quality of the photos is excellent. This allows a real promotion of our products on our website! I highly recommend it

Pauline Lassaussois
Les Montres

Thank you for your usual responsiveness. We are always happy to have trusted your company. Indeed, the Scancube meets our needs 100% and fulfills the missions for which we now use it regularly.

Arnaud Masson
 Communication Manager
De Buyer

Easy to use tool without having a lot of graphic and photo skills, brings a real time saving. The 360° view is great and very useful for presenting our products on our website. Our products are showcased and the picture is just amazing! I recommend !

 Wholesaler of video game accessories
Under Control

8 months ago we tested the ScanCube 516 to complement a competing system we already had. Today, I put the competing hardware in the closet and bought a second ScanCube. This is the best photo studio I know


I had very short deadlines, thanks to the ScanCube and its intuitive operation, I managed to meet them. Quickly operational, I was able to photograph the lingerie collection in a few days in time for the launch of the site. Thank you to the ScanCube team whose competence and availability I appreciated


100 photos per hour, ultra-simplified retouching and perfect results. No need to say more… Yes: the turnover and profitability of our e-commerce site is up sharply. The ScanCube is one of our best investments.

Fanny Chaussures

Scancube is a tool for taking photos, retouching them, 360° photos… An all-in-one tool that is very useful for our business.

Forum des Sacs

We found the training and the Trainer top!

The trainer adapted well to us, to our knowledge and our language. We were all able to manipulate the ScanCube on practical cases and by bringing our questions, our difficulties on certain photo techniques that we did not master.

In short, it was very interesting and we also had a good time, the trainer is super accessible!


They trust us.

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