Who are we ?

Philippe GRAS, founder of Altawak Technologies, wanted to exploit the potential of e-commerce by creating the ScanCube brand. He marketed the very first photo-video studio with light intensity control, entirely computer-controlled. Our experience of more than twenty years in digital imaging has enabled us to design productive solutions, renowned not only for their efficiency and quality, but also for their ease of use.

Our story.

The ScanCube photo studios 
were born from a double observation :

- Selling on the Internet requires capturing the attention of Internet users. 95% of an Internet purchase is triggered by rich and attractive visual information.

- In 2008, e-commerce lacked an efficient tool to produce low-cost visuals. This sector of activity required a high level of reactivity and photo budgets were limited.

Our initial target audience, the e-commerce industry, has rapidly expanded to include many other areas of activity. Our solutions are now used in retail, e-commerce, quality control, logistics, packaging design, prototype development, communication, archiving and cataloguing, education, laboratory research and many others...

We have more than 3,000 clients
 in over 60 countries.

We work with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to multinationals. Internationally renowned brands, big names in industry, retail and luxury goods have chosen to use ScanCube.
We are proud of the work of our teams and the trusting relationships we have built with our partners and customers. Our double-digit year-on-year growth in turnover allows us to continually invest in research, in order to offer you high-tech products and to meet your requirements.

A continuous stream of innovations.

The first fully computer-controlled studio

Altawak, creator of the ScanCube brand, presents the very first fully computer-controlled photo studio, equipped with six adjustable light sources, at the Paris e-commerce trade fair. The production of packshots and 360° animations becomes accessible to all.

Altawak / ScanCube patent

birth of automatic double photo trimming (Altawak / ScanCube patent).

Marketing of studios

Altawak markets its 204, 308, 516 and 626 photo studios, equipped with LED backlighting and a turntable, synchronised with the shot for the production of animated packshots.

The new features of EasyScanCube

The EasyScanCube software, which controls the shooting studios, has been enriched with new exclusive features: positioning by ghost image, video and RAW format management, laser centering of animations, multi-angle shooting, automatic framing, double framing, Xdfocus function, etc...

EasyPreset technology

With the integration of its EasyPreset technology, the EasyScanCube software further simplifies the setup of photo-video studios. We develop the proprietary ScanZ file format and SmartCopy function. Altawak replaces the lighting in photo studios with a new generation of LEDs that provide superior light quality.

Artificial Intelligence

ScanCube invests in Artificial Intelligence and develops EasyScanCube 3, a new generation of software to control automated image capture processes.

Our values.

Continuous innovation

The EasyScanCube software manages, assists and automates the entire creative process, from shooting to the production of interactive 360° animations. Our engineers are the originators of numerous patents such as the automatic clipping by double photo and the EasyPreset technology which allows us to automatically adjust our shooting studios according to the characteristics of the product to be photographed. Thanks to the know-how of our teams, we will soon be offering photo studios with artificial intelligence.

A made in France production

The products we sell are designed and manufactured in France. The research and development office, the sales team and the support service are based in Paris. Manufacturing is carried out in partnership with the DIS / SIAM group, located in the Pays de la Loire region of France, and by a network of specialised subcontractors. Our plastic parts are injected or thermoformed in the Lyon region and in Oyonnax, our aluminium profiles are extruded in Albi and our electronic cards and LED cards are manufactured in the Ile-de-France region.

Eco-responsible actions

Our products have always been designed with environmental impact in mind. Studies are underway to incorporate some recycled plastic into our parts and we are working to reduce the weight of materials with a high environmental impact by using lightweight technical products. We are working with subcontractors who have implemented environmentally friendly manufacturing standards. All these actions are part of a global process of continuous quality improvement, which is inseparable from environmental management.

Quality of service for our customers

Our work does not end with the delivery of our photo studios. We offer advice and personal services to our customers to help them get the most out of their investment. We provide expertise and support through our tutorials and our online and telephone hotline. This can be simple advice, explanation of a tip, assistance, training or even specific development for a better integration of our tools in their workflow. Our goal is to provide our customers with the techniques that will enable them to solve the difficulties they encounter when shooting their products.

Des innovations

Le logiciel EasyScanCube gère, assiste et automatise l’ensemble des processus de création, de la prise de vue jusqu’à la production d’animations 360° interactives. Nos ingénieurs sont à l’origine de nombreux brevets comme le détourage automatique par double photo et la technologie EasyPreset qui permet de régler automatiquement nos studios de prise de vue en fonction des caractéristiques du produit à photographier. Grâce au savoir-faire de nos équipes, nous proposerons prochainement des studios photo bénéficiant de l’intelligence artificielle.

Une production 
made in France

Les produits que nous commercialisons sont conçus et fabriqués en France. Le bureau de recherche et développement, l’équipe commerciale, et le service d’assistance sont basés à Paris. La fabrication est assurée en partenariat avec le groupe DIS / SIAM, implanté en Région Pays de la Loire en France et par un réseau de sous-traitants spécialisés. Nos pièces en plastique sont injectées ou thermoformées en Région Lyonnaise et à Oyonnax, nos profilés aluminium sont filés à Albi et nos cartes électroniques ainsi que nos cartes LEDs sont fabriquées en Région Ile-de-France.

Des actions 

Nos produits ont toujours été conçus avec le souci de l’impact sur l’environnement. Des études ont été entamées pour incorporer une partie de plastique recyclé dans nos pièces et nous travaillons à réduire le poids des matériaux à fort impact environnemental par l’utilisation de produits techniques légers. Nous veillons à collaborer avec des sous-traitants qui ont mis en place des normes de fabrication respectueuses de l’environnement. L’ensemble de ces actions s’inscrit dans un processus global d’amélioration continue de la qualité, indissociable de la gestion de l’environnement.

La qualité du service 
pour nos clients

Notre travail ne s’arrête pas à la livraison de nos studios photo. Des conseils et des services personnalisés sont proposés à nos clients pour leur permettre d’optimiser leur investissement. Nous leur apportons nos compétences et un accompagnement sur mesure grâce à nos tutoriels et notre hotline en ligne et téléphonique. Cela peut être du simple conseil, l’explication d’une astuce, de l’assistance, de la formation ou même du développement spécifique pour une meilleure intégration de nos outils dans leur workflow. Notre objectif est de transmettre à nos clients les techniques qui leur permettront de résoudre les difficultés rencontrées lors de la prise de vue de leurs produits.

Our promise.

ScanCube revolutionises the management of your shots

Cost reduction

ScanCube is the solution for low cost photo and video production. Our manufacturing and quality control processes allow us to offer you excellent value for money.


your shots are automated in a few clicks, your photo is saved on your computer and ready to be used for your e-commerce sites and social networks. ScanCube allows you to launch your sales or communication campaigns quickly.


Our experience of more than 20 years enables us to offer you products manufactured and designed in France in a CSR approach. Whatever the size of the ScanCube studio, our technology ensures the same level of quality and performance.


No photography knowledge is required to use the ScanCube. We have simplified the shooting process to make it easy to use, your lights and camera set up instantly. Shooting has never been easier.


From small product photography to clothing photography, we have what you need. In order to accompany you in the evolution of your needs, we offer you evolving solutions in the form of options and accessories.
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