The ScanCube for
photo and video shoots

in a few clicks.

Simplify your shooting and save time with ScanCube.

Our promise.

Cost savings

save money by choosing to use ScanCube to produce your photos and videos.


your shots are automated in a few minutes to save you precious time in your daily work.


benefit from quality products, made in France, and our expertise for over 10 years.


make your shoots easy, no photography knowledge is required to use ScanCube.


we adapt to all your needs with our customisable and scalable solutions.
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Your photos and videos in 2 minutes with EasyScanCube 
software for any size of product.

Do you need visuals for your e-commerce sites, your catalogues or your 
marketing and communication operations? We have the solution!
Thanks to our products, you can create several kinds of still and animated visuals: product photos, 360° animations, packshots and many more. Our different photo studios are perfectly adapted to all types of products to be photographed and to all sectors of activity (fashion, jewellery, industry, electronics, etc.).

Our EasyScanCube software controls all the equipment that makes up the photo studio and manages the shooting process. You can use different accessories to facilitate the setting up of the products to be photographed and increase your productivity.
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How does it work ?

Position your product
you can view the product on your screen as it will be photographed inside the ScanCube.
Choose a model
in your model photo album, click on an object similar to the product you want to photograph.
Start the creation process
the EasyScanCube software controls the various materials and automatically saves your visuals on your computer.
Exploit your visuals
The various photos and videos can be used for your websites and social networks.

Customer testimonials

After a first experience 5 years ago with a light box from another brand, we were hesitant to reinvest in this type of equipment when it broke down. Indeed the photos taken with this box required permanent retouching with the skills of a graphic designer. Seeing the Easy-ScanCube software we were convinced of a qualitative leap and a much more accomplished hardware design. The tests carried out confirmed this impression to us, because today anyone in the company after a few minutes of training can take beautiful shots that can be used directly: with ScanCube equipment, the concept of the mini studio becomes credible again. Today our group will acquire a second ScanCube for another of its subsidiaries.

&nbsp- Groupe LDC ( Le Gaulois, Loué, Marie, Maître Coq)

We had invested in a ScanCube to improve the quality of our visuals and add the interactivity of 360° animation to our site, particularly in the context of our website, which has become responsive. Customers spend more time on listings with 360 degree views and better visualize the product. Beyond this first objective, we have also noticed an increase in the satisfaction of our customers.

Loic Bonnaille
 E-commerce and Development Director
&nbsp- Edisac

Photographing a bottle of wine is not an easy task, especially because of the reflections. ScanCube brought us the technicality and simplicity of operation that we needed. The in-house production of the shots allows us to be very reactive and to carry out this work directly on the stock, without particular logistics. As for the quality of the photos, I let you judge on our site.

David Kapikian
 Digital director
&nbsp- Lavinia

Since February 2011, our Forbach store has taken photos of its products with a ScanCube for its website, posters and flyers. We took a pragmatic approach and we served as a pilot site to measure the benefits of this new technology, validate its functional ease and its adaptation to our business. Today the Cora group has acquired a dozen ScanCubes.

M. Meier
&nbsp- Cora